Right person, wrong seat?

When looking at your staff at times it is hard to pin point why some employees say all the right things, have the same values, but still cant seem to get the job done. It seems that every time you have spell out what you need accomplished and if you dont they seem to do it wrong. You may have a case of an employee who is the right person for your organization, but in the wrong position. Say they are in sales… they are well liked by team members, by you, and by the customers you talk to… When you do ride alongs they say and do all the right things but dont sell the appointment. They seem to be right for your organization but yet fail to meet the criteria necessary for their position. This person is probably not a salesperson. Perhaps, however, if you consider their skills they are perfect for a lead generator, a csr, or a customer advocate. This is an opportunity to maximize your staff and opportunities by converting this employee into one of those roles, thus creating right person, right seat. The employee will be happy, even if they dont like the idea to begin with, as they will excel at it and be a huge benefit to the organization, thus finding personal value and a place in the team. The organization benefits considerably as this allows you to put in the sales position a candidate that meets objectives and a motived lead generator that create opportunites for the sales person to success. Win Win.

Perhaps you have some one in your organization like that. If you do, dont get frustrated, just take a different perspective and you may find that it is the best thing you did all month.